Tuesday, May 22, 2007

nice to meet you again in this blog site..today I learned how to make an easy story about "A Romantic Meeting" in paragraph based on WH QUESTION..My group decided to make a lovely story in Paris, Perancis.When I mention about Paris,you'll imagined about Eiffel Tower..Am I right?? Ok,let's begin with the important point.What is WH QUESTION??? you should know because it's about your life.Maybe sometime when you want to know something, you use this word. "What is this?"It is just simple example.

WH QUESTION include :-

A) Who - used to ask or talk about which person is involved or what the name of a person is.For example :- who locked the door?who do you work for?
B) Where - used to talk about a particular place. For example :- where do you live?
C) When - at what time. For example :- when are we leaving?
D) What - used to ask for information or for someone opinion. For example :- What are you doing?
E) Why - used to ask or talk about the reason for something.For example :- why are you crying?
F) How - used to ask or talk about the way in which something happens or is done.For example :- how do you spell your name?


idir ibrahim said...

cute cat

Azied said...

are this cat were fight.
thats dangerous situation.
I dont want to see this injured cat.