Wednesday, May 23, 2007

hi, everyone, salam!

Firstly, I would like to say thanks for Idir
because he is ready to add me for join this blog.
Really, I'm so very happy today because
I got many friends. You all looked like familiar for me.
Although, you all was young than me, I still
assume that you all as my best friends.

O.k know, let me introduce myself.
May be all of you was not really recognize me. is that!
o.k my name is Yazie Ramli.
I'm 23 years old, Now I am year 3 in UKM.
but I'm preparing to extend my study..ha!ha!ha!
(that is a crazy work). but I must to do that for
my business and studies. I was born in Penang.
My father is 'penangese'. he is Arab Malay. My
Mom also come from Penang. but she is Israelis.
I prefer to speaking Malay, Arabic or Hebrew.
But now, I speaking in Malay everytime.
In our class, I must force myself to speaking
that colonial language. But I'll try for my best.
I like business, but now I studying in Bahasa Melayu.
That course in department pbkkm. Fsssk
student may know this. I stay in Dato Onn'.
May be, I still want to stay in same collage in next year.

Oh! no , I wrote so many entries now. I will continue
our story later. You all can ask me everything what
would you want to know.

#I see in this blog, many our friends, say me Yazir.
I not Yazir same with AF3 star, but you all can call me Yazi
or yajie.

# In our class earlier, we sang the 90's song.
I like to sing a oldies song's.
you know, my favourite singer is the
oldies artist
for example Neil Sedaka, Brian hyland, Frank Sinatra e.t.c

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