Monday, May 21, 2007

Hai...Today in my class, I learn how to make a cup of coffee..

Ingredients of my coffee
1. a boiling water
2. a coffee
3. the sugar to taste
4. chocolate powder to taste

To make a cup of coffee it easy. Firstly boil the water. Secondly, put 3 or 4 spoons full of
coffee, then mix the coffee with sugar to taste. After that, pour the water into the pot
and stir it. To make the coffee more tasty, put the chocolate powder to taste. Then 'tarik'
the coffee, so we call is 'coffee tarik'. Finally, serve the coffee with fried banana or 'ubi
rebus'...Ready for eat....
5 fried food...
1. fried banana
2. fried chicken
3. fried fish
4. fried potato
5. fried sweet potato

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idir ibrahim said...

coffee please....... 1 jug..... hahaha.