Monday, May 21, 2007

ENOUGH? song by Cromok

A bowl of rice in your mindA loaf of bread you have spentThe load can last for a dayTomorrow may not be the same
Enough time for you to liveEnough time for you need
A day as time passed byHours you spent on your ownA minute to think of the pastSplit second you’ll never last
Enough time for you to liveEnough time for you need
Ability to seeAbility to moveAbility to thinkWhat if never granted
Enough the magical beingEnough the supremacy
Fear the anger from above
The further you go the more you’ll regretSo much you owe can’t pay it backWherever you go the story was toldAbove oneself the future holds
Fear the anger from above
Whatever was given will be taken backThe name was written be placed on the stackFollow the rules the pages won’t lieDo as I say till the day you die
The more you ask the more you’ll getDream of beuty forgetting their rightsTrust has been broken prepare for fights
Knowing that the distance you need to travel
On your own is not nearControlling the difficult situationOf the future is not clear
Twisting Turning Running ScreamingCrying!
Proof you don’t have enough to spare to last you a single day
Prepare oneself to reach the destination is the ultimate successMiraculously staying awake another day paying back your debt.

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