Friday, July 27, 2007

hello abah jai n freinds

hye,olyn's here..i want to apologize because tomorrow i can't join for our set gathering..the palapes traning start tomorrow..and normally we end at 7.30 o'clock
i want join but i hope u all understand right..
diz week,im very busy find a book n make proposal to my experiment always at library after class..huhu,so tired but i enjoyed it..hehe..thanks for all my friend especially my best friend sara..always with me,also my family and my love give me advice and support..all of them its very important person in my life..
so tomorrow..i must focus for my traning..hope i can do the best ..
last but not least...i miss all of u n abah jai..take care ok..Muahh..hehe

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